Thursday, May 12, 2016

Analysis of NEW 4 Year Oxley Bonds at 5.15%

Hi everyone,

Oxley has launched another of their retail bonds. Here are the statistics.

Investment till Callable Date
  • Tenure = 4 years
  • Total Interest = $0.2060 per share
  • Transaction Cost = $0.006
  • Overall Return = $0.200
  • Overall Annual Yield = 5.00%
From the statistics, it is currently only fairly priced as their existing listed retail bond is giving overall annual yield which is slightly above 5%. This means that it is better to buy from SGX market rather than subscribe to new bonds. And that makes it less attractive.

I am currently more into REITs and business trusts but I will be using this as a benchmark to set my target for investment returns in other counters. But even if I have cash, I will buy the existing ones rather than to subscribe to new ones.

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  1. HI there,

    Why the transaction cost is $0.006? If you hold it to mature, you just need pay one time buying commission as transaction cost, which is $0.00288, right?