Saturday, August 22, 2015

Analysis of Aspial 5.25% Retail Bond

Hi everyone,

Aspial has launched a retail bond which I thought was fantastic, especially when we have so little bond offerings for retail investors like myself. Here are the statistics.

Investment till Callable Date
  • Tenure = 5 years
  • Total Interest = $0.2625 per share
  • Capital Loss = $0.000
  • Transaction Cost = $0.006
  • Overall Return = $0.2565
  • Overall Annual Yield = 5.130%
From the statistics, this is currently the bond with the best yield. The overall yield is THE highest at 5.13% if you hold on to maturity. Moreover, because it is still at IPO stage, there is no capital loss incurred. Thus, I think it is an excellent opportunity.

After IPO, I am looking at comparable counters like Genting Perp and Hyflux which are trading at a premium. So I don't expect any losses even if I sell earlier.

I do have some cash on hand and I will be applying for this to continue to build my cash reserves.

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